Hacking 4 Recovery Application

Our hackathons use a team-based process with a beginning, middle and end. Effectiveness of the team depends on members being present.

Open-Source Licensing

All plans and documentation produced at the hackathon is to be made immediately available under an OSI-approved open-source license or a Creative Commons license. Would this pose any difficulty for your participation?

What expertise can you bring and how do you see yourself contributing to the project? Please elaborate on your skills & knowledge If possible, cite tangible accomplishments to provide evidence of your skills.

You may have a personal goal for this hackathon, and you may have ideas for team projects that relate to the hackathon themes of – Job Design for Flexibility, Performance Evaluation and Compensation, Socialization and Mentoring, Knowledge Sharing, Data Security and Regulation Creating an organizational memory across time and space. This is the place to tell your ideas and goals, given your current understanding of the project.

Underrepresented Groups

We are using NSF definitions.

Please provide any other comments, suggestions, or feedback that are not covered by the questions above.