By: CIE Executive Director, Jay Jayamohan

Crisis or not, sometimes your business needs to explore new products and services. To survive, you must adapt.

The jobs-to-be-done framework is a process which involves looking beyond your customer’s present demands to analyze the needs that inspire them – the true problems they are looking to solve. Investigate the “job” your client is “hiring” your product for. What other products or services focus on that same goal/need?

For e.g. Instead of a regular hotel experience, created a substitute service where they bring the hotel experience to their client’s home. They’ll get access to the convenience and novelty of a concierge service, food boxes, remote concerts, etc., without breaking lockdown. Not every real-world experience can be transferred to the home, of course. But in a pinch, this could be a great alternative.

Once you understand the jobs-to-be-done approach, it will be an amazing tool to help you uncover new product and service innovations for your business.