Panic with Friends Conversations in Innovation series features smart leaders who know how to innovate and pivot during uncertain times.

This discussion featured the founders of three innovative startups.

They are:

  • W. Henry Yaeger, CEO and Cofounder, Constance. Henry started Constance in 2018 to use technology to help older adults to maintain their independence as they age. He bring more more than 25 years of leadership experience across several functions and markets including as strategy consultant and M&A advisor a Lancaster-based Banner Group LLC, leading the corporate strategy group at The Hershey Company, financial planning and analysis for $1.5 billion in marketing expenses at Unilever, and helping secure $25 million in venture capital for a grid computing software startup. Henry holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management, is an Eagle Scout, and has served on several boards.
  • Sam Beiler, CEO / Co-Founder, Boostpoint. Sam Beiler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boostpoint, a Lancaster based tech startup with a mission to help local businesses thrive. Sam is an experienced marketer and a social media advertising expert who has built and grown large organizations on the backs of social media marketing.

  • Rafeek Kottai, Founder / President at Maxxion Inc. Maxxion is a software development firm. Over the years they have built a strong portfolio of enterprise applications satisfying several clients across globe that are continuously re-investing in their services. Their domain expertise ranging from healthcare to automotive to travel to IOT to marketplaces to financial services. Maxxion is trusted by organizations which are leading innovators in their domains by sharing their product vision right from the competitive pressures they face by creating new products or enhancing existing ones, and bringing them to market faster.